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Factory Profile Year of Establishment: 2003 Area: 50,000 sq. feet Chairman and Managing Director: Mohammad Musa Meah Deputy Managing Director: Imtiaz Bin Musa (Zesun) General Manager: Anisur Rahman Financial Manager: Taposh Das Accountant: Syed Sumnol Huq Manager IQF Plant: Bipul Chandra Pal Cold Storage in charge: Sudhamoy Chakrabarty Production Manger: Ijaz Ahmed Security Officer: 6 nos. Peon: 3 nos. Skilled Worker: 300 nos. Unskilled Worker 30 nos.   Production Unit Protection Facilities: Each and every working personnel have two sets of apron, netted cap, masks, gloves and gumboot to protect from any type of contamination.   Equipment & Utensils:  All kinds of equipment & utensils that are necessary to smoothly running plants are available. All tables and freezing trays are made of stainless steel, having smooth, easily cleaned surfaces. Stowage boxes, tubs, sieves are made of plastic.   Machinery Facilities:   Name Amount Capacity   Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Plants     02   -   Spiral Freezer     02   800kg/hour   Blast Freezer     01   16 tons/day         Storage Facilities:   Name Amount Capacity   Chill Store     02   (12+18) 30 tons   Frozen Store     03   1500 tons/store   Other Facilities:   Name Amount Capacity   Flake Ice Machine     02   24 tons/day   Metal Detector     03   -   Transportation:   Name Amount Capacity   Refrigerated Van     02   15 tons/van   Insulated Van     03   15 tons/van     Drains: All drains are wide and deep and have an evenfall so that water can not remain in them. They are covered with S.S sheets. Outlets have a catch basin outside the process area and mode of waterproof concrete, which is also covered with S.S. sheet. Drainage pipes have a minimum internal diameter of 10 cm. where a drain goes through a wall; a vermin proof seal is present. All drains are designed so that cleaning with a rod is easy.   Electricity Supply: The Company is provided with high-tension line from Bangladesh Power Development Board. Generator: Incase of power supply failure, the Company utilizes generators for electricity supply. Two standby generator made by DANYO-JAPAN having capacity of 130 KVA & HAMSONS-U.S.A having capacity of 250 KVA respectively are present to meet the power demand.   Water Supply: The Company uses Deep tube well water as the only source of water used. Besides company is furnished with hot water and chill water facilities being controlled centrally. The capacity is as follows: